Who is she?

Heidi Luo's life in time warp!

In this post I will tell you rapidly where I am from and how the world raised me to have my superpowers!

Writer / Multi-media Creative / Super Host

Heidi was born in a trilingual family, Chinese at school, Taiwanese at home and Hakka at grandma’s. At the age of 5, she was sent to family friends’ home to learn english as an "experiment".

Little Heidi had a strong passion in listening to cassette stories and reading books, her hobby after school was to create-play-something: drawings, storylines, letters, although in adults eyes they were just lines and doodles, they meant the world to her.

"A girl who’s never tired of books, audio, knowledge, all beautiful things."

Fast forward I then developed into a computer-savvy child who fell in love with the online world, my English ability came in handy, it opened a brand new world for me, motivated me to improve and to excel.

A combination of creativity, language, and digital.

My creativity was somewhat repressed by our school system, despite that I have won numerous speech and composition contests, I was tagged as the inobedient student who wrote poems and drew fashion sketches on math classes. It was also during school time that my knowledge and affection for languages, art, culture and geography broadened and deepened.

I had my first German, French and Spanish lessons. I won regional #writing competitions and had my mini novel published for the first time.

In university, I chose French and Geography as my major. Little did I know, the #PR life was choosing me as well.

I was given the opportunity to help promote business at the age of 20. I am super grateful because it unveiled my superpower that I did not know - Social Relations.

I then luckily joined and was trained at creative agencies, music festivals and classical music industry. I have almost always worked with international teams and clients (because of chance and language ability.)

On top of everything, I am an Airbnb host too (*cough*, super host :D) since 2015.

Record shows that I hosted more than 300 groups of guests. The world comes to me, it makes me proud and happy to have seen quite ‘the world’ compared to friends around me my age ;D

I love the freedom of being able to work creatively and digitally, it is my dream to continue creating fun and tasteful work.

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