心理治療英中翻譯 psychotherapy en/cn

Individual Therapy for Depression and Anxiety 抑鬱與焦慮之個別治療

Anxiety and Depression Counseling for Adults and Teens in Palo Alto (Bilingual Chinese offered) 帕羅奧圖區域成人及青少年適用之焦慮與抑鬱諮商(可提供中英雙語服務)

Do you often feel worthless and unloved? Do you feel like there is something wrong with you? Do you struggle with constant worries? Do you often feel ashamed or guilty?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you might be struggling with depression or anxiety.


Your internal judgements and worries might be triggered by unpleasant events in your day or by a series of crisis.



However, you know the nagging inner feelings have been inside you for a long while. You might look put together from the outside – you show up to school or work, you put on a public face, but inside, you are struggling.


The worrying and shaming voices inside you weigh you down.  They affect your mood, your confidence, and your interpersonal relationships.


You often feel guilty or ashamed of yourself as a result of setbacks or  conflicting interpersonal exchanges.  You tend to sacrifice your own voice and needs for others; you need external validations; and you find love or push away love in a way that’s repeatedly not working for you.


Psychotherapy can help you manage your anxiety and depression. I provide psychotherapy in my office in Palo Alto or online for adults and teens with depression and anxiety who have hard time with self-love and self-acceptance.



Psychotherapy with me will look at the root of your internal struggles.

We will work deeply to help you discover the cause of your unhealthy emotional pattern and re-build your inner world with more healthy and resourceful patterns.



Often, we will discover childhood relational injuries or trauma that are preventing you from developing internal resource to bounce back or self-soothe. 


There are many causes for childhood relational trauma. It can be caused by conflicting values as a result of immigration, violence in the family, high conflict parental divorce, abuse, addiction or illness of a family member, or frequent  lack of emotional support by your family. 


As a result, you were not emotionally cared for in a way you need and your ability to love and care for yourself was compromised.


Through psychotherapy, I help you learn to love and care for yourself. I also help you develop the inner resource to overcome reactivity to challenging people and situations, so you are no longer living in anxiety and distress.


Together, we will work on developing healthier boundaries and skills for your interpersonal effectiveness.


Bring Joy Back into Your Life


If you are struggling with anxiety and depression, counseling can really be helpful. Please email me at ***@gmail.com or call me at **** to see how I can help you.

如果您正在為焦慮與抑鬱煎熬,諮商是非常有幫助的。歡迎以電子郵件聯絡我:***@gmail.com 或是撥打 *** 詢問我能幫忙的地方。


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